Most popular equipment of 2020

A throwback on gear rentals in 2020

We are fastly nearing 2020’s end. Surely a year to (not) remember, right? It has made us all avid Zoom’ers, Skypers, Teamers and what other online tools we all use. 

For creatives like you, Covid 19 has made it a very challenging year. Many of us have lost assignments and jobs, but it also brought about new positive challenges where video has become a sought after solution. And have you used the extra free time in your life to explore new creative ways?

Even during this pandemic year, gear rentals on Gearbooker have boosted! So a lot of you certainly have kept yourselves busy in the creative sense of the word! In that light, we thought it would be interesting to share with you some insights in this 2020’s gear rentals. So here’s our overview of the popularity of equipment rentals and gear brands. 

The Top-25 Most Rented equipment of 2020

Are you curious about what are the most rented types equipment in 2020 ? Here is how they rank up:

  1. Mirrorless cameras
    DSLR vs mirrorless cameras has been a topic of discussion for a while. In 2020, ranking #1 in our most rented gear list are mirrorless cameras. So in that respect, they have proven to be more popular than DSLRs, which rank 7th in the list.

    For indie filmmakers, mirrorless cameras are more versatile and capable than DSLRs in many respects, and they hold a number of different advantages. Their lightweight and compact design that allows for flexibility. Yet, with increasing bit rates, RAW recording options and a growing number of great lenses, it makes mirrorless cameras a perfect choice for a lot of videographers.

  2. 360° cameras
    Clearly a winner this year. 360 degree cameras already were strong on the rise, but with their excellent ways of showing people around in a digital way, in Corona times these cameras proved their purpose for those of you who organized events and needed ways to have online viewers become part of the experience.

  3. Gimbals
    Gimbals are not a surprise as they have become one of the workhorses of a lot of independently working videographers and filmmakers. Brands such as DJI, Zhiyun, Feiyu-Tech and Moza, keep pushing their technology forward, making the gimbals more powerful, versatile yet more lightweight and affordable.

  4. Video mixers and streamers
    Another obvious winner. Due to the pandemic, a lot of companies, event organizers, musicians and whatnot have turned to video streaming as a means of communication with their customers, their visitors and their fan base. So to up the video streaming game, video mixers have proven to be a must!

  5. Lenses
    Which visual storyteller can live without them? Lenses are a necessity for every filmmaker and photographer. On Gearbooker, fast prime lenses as well as fast telezoom lenses prove to be popular.

  6. Drones
    Drones have been a favorite among filmmakers and creators for quite some years already. These flying cameras are now equipped with all sorts of bells and whistles that give your footage so much extra allure. And a lot of companies, maybe during lockdowns more than ever, are experimenting with drones to add extra layers to their promotional videos and to their services.

  7. DSLR cameras

  8. Digital Cinema cameras

  9. LED panels

  10. Mics / Microphones

  11. Autocues / prompters

  12. Audio recorders

  13. Tripods / Monopods

  14. Wireless transceivers

  15. Dollies and sliders

  16. Studio Lighting

  17. Spyders & calibration tools

  18. DJ equipment
    Interesting to see that DJ equipment ranked #10 in 2019, but has now dropped to the 18th position. Without a doubt the result of Covid-19 related restrictions imposed on organizing festivals, parties and other public events.

  19. Action cameras / Event cameras
    Just like DJ equipment, probably one of the ‘victims’ in times of lockdowns. Who needs action cams when you are self isolating, staying in quarantine and not so much action around you. But, without any doubt, these cameras will become popular again once we are free to move back to more action.

  20. Rigs and stabilizers

  21. Camera monitors / EVF / LCDs / Field Recorders

  22. VR goggles
    New in the top 25 list, this year. Virtual Reality has been a promise for some years already, but with the release of modern, very capable VR goggles such as Oculus Quest 2, the promises turn into reality (pun intended) way more than before. Virtual Reality has been in the same phrase with Serious Gaming many times, but the Oculus Quest 2 makes gaming seriously fun too!

  23. Shotguns / booms

  24. Medium format cameras

  25. Media streamers

Top 5 – Most rented gear during the lockdown

Specifically during the (as we call it since last week) first lockdown period from March 15th – July 1st, these 5 product categories were rented most by you:

  1. Video mixers and streamers
    As you know, video streaming and livestreaming took the world by storm. No wonder it ranked super high during times when the world locked down!

  2. 360° cameras
    Virtual tours, organizing online events, showing people around? All this made possible with today’s highly popular 360 degree cameras.

  3. Gimbals
    All time favorite for every filmmaker who needs stable shots but needs flexibility while shooting.

  4. Mirrorless cameras
    Yes, the cameras that are slowly but steadily shifting DSLR cameras aside.

  5. Drones
    Aerial shots clearly keep mesmerizing us.

Most rented equipment brands of 2020

Nikon, Canon, Blackmagic, Sigma, DJI, or ….. ?? Are you curious for the most popular gear brands of 2020 too? Have a look at this blog post!

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