Benro launches the world’s First Smart Travel Tripod

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Benro is launching the most exciting, innovative tripod that combines portability, stability, efficiency, and intelligence, making shooting more efficient and convenient for photographers. Every second matters when shooting so having the right tools can greatly assist your work. Different features can be realized by mounting the swappable smart modules on the Theta tripod, including auto-leveling; camera control; optical matrix sensor, and live streaming.



One of the most revolutionary features is auto-leveling. The battery module uses to supply power to drive the built-in motor and gyroscopes to do leg adjustments hence completing leveling in 3 seconds. One press on the control button triggers the auto-leveling, no external power is needed and it is completely cable-free. Taking the battery module off after auto-leveling will not affect its current level status.

Fine-Tune Leveling

A good ball head or 3-way head provides stable support for shake-free shooting, but it might be difficult to make fine adjustments. A geared head could be an option. Or you can use Theta’s app to fine-tune the camera’s level without switching the head or bringing extra equipment weight. It’s very practical when you’re doing extreme close-ups that need to make precise adjustments, enabling you to make the finest of adjustments with ease.

Ball Head Design

The dual-use ball head is re-design with a locking system that locks the roll movement and keeps the head aligned with the tripod at all times thus your camera is always in level status. Photographers can switch between roll lock mode and free mode by turning the knob. The pan and tilt movements are adjustable for composition and framing in the roll-locked mode.

Camera Control

The camera control module allows you to remotely adjust parameters, and live view on the Theta app. Without the shutter cable and intervalometer, you are able to remote control the shutter, start & end the record, and set the number of shooting in the app for a faster and more convenient workflow. 

Check out the Theta camera compatible list here.

Optical Matrix Sensor

This optical matrix sensor module is specially developed for time-lapse photography. It detects the ambient light environment in real-time and hence transmits the data to the camera control module. Then, the camera control module will automatically and accurately alter camera exposure settings to provide smooth and consistent exposures. Users need to mount the optical sensor module on the camera hot shoe allowing the built-in gyroscope to read the level and make adjustments before each shot.

Live Streaming

The GoLive module allows photographers to live stream directly from the camera’s capture, has higher resolution, performs better, and the focal length is modifiable during streaming. It’s able to stream on socials, including FaceBook, Youtube, and other platforms using RTMP URLs via the cellular network.

Essential Tripod Features

Apart from the intelligent smart features, Benro optimizes the fundamental features of the tripod so it can serve you well as a portable, sturdy, easy-to-use travel tripod.

1. Portable – Theta’s center column is the trigonous shape that divides the traditional cylinder shape into three equal concave parts and forms three inner arcs. Therefore, the three legs can fit seamlessly with the center column and create zero negative space while remaining the strength.

2. Sturdy – Theta uses carbon fiber round leg tubes and increases the legs’ diameter to intensify the tripod’s stability.

3. Easy-To-Use – via its Rapid deployment and retraction, the Dual-Use Ball head and the Secure Leg Lock Mechanism.

Two different size models:

Theta comes in two sizes, the Theta: this is the standard size that is more lightweight and portable for travel use while the Theta Max can carry heavier gear for studio use. Both sizes can support DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

Theta is available on Kickstarter crowdfunding now, visit here to learn more details and place pre-orders with the highest discount, the early-bird price starts from $349, save up $250. The biggest discount $250 is only available for Theta debut campaign, ending when the Kickstarter campaign ends. An additional three-year warranty to Kickstarter backers, that means there will be a 6-year warranty for Kickstarter backers… Wow!


About Benro

Benro was established in 1995, mainly dedicated to professional photography tripod, photography head, camera bag, optical filter, moisture-proof bag and so on R&D production. Now, with a plant area of 55,000 square meters, we are a professional photography tripod manufacturer with scale. Benro photography tripod and head won many gold and silver awards in overseas authoritative DIGITAL CAMERA video product evaluation; in 2012, we won the bee cloud list photography tripod award and the national annual recommended equipment “tripod” award and “head” award in Xitek, respectively. In the JiaYou online annual trend list of travel tripod brand and a series of professional photography bag won the Zhongguancun online annual recommended product award. stays in the superior position in material and technology. “Professional and commitment” is the belief of Benro, Benro will insist on the pursuit of lightweight, high strength, excellent operability, and perfect after-sales service concept, to meet the needs of professional photography and continuous efforts.

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