How to make your rental page as attractive as possible?

As a provider on Gearbooker , you naturally want a lot of tenants. This way you can earn extra with your gear (or fully recoup gear ) that is otherwise on the shelf. Earlier we gave a few tips on how to receive more rental requests and how to make your profile page attractive . Now let’s take a closer look at how to make your rental page as attractive as possible.

Provide clear titles…

First of all, it is important to use good, clear titles. Not only is that useful for the potential tenant, it is also important for SEO and findability in Google. We make sure that the gear can be seen not only on Gearbooker but also on a number of partner sites. We use the titles and texts as you enter them. Therefore, make sure that the brand, type and product name are correctly stated herein. Keep it short and to the point. Avoid spelling mistakes.

… and complete descriptions

In addition to clear titles, it also helps to have good text on your product pages. You don’t necessarily have to hire a professional copywriter for this, but try to say something more about the product than just a copy-paste of the manufacturer’s specs sheet. For example, you can give tips on how best to use the product, for which use cases it is suitable and also for which it is not. You can also indicate what the gear has helped you with or what kind of content you create with it.

Do you rent out certain extra accessories including with the item, for example an extra set of batteries, filters, a case or suitcase? Mention this, that makes it more attractive for a tenant and saves all kinds of questions.

Choose suitable photos (and video)

Good photos are a great way to stand out and make a product more attractive. When entering your product, Gearbooker will already give you suggestions for product photos to use. But if you have a better photo yourself, which also includes the supplied accessories, for example, do not hesitate to use it. You can of course use more than 1 photo, so a combination of your own images and online product photos is also possible. Maybe you have a nice ‘behind the scenes’ photo!

Another tip: (YouTube) videos can also be added… Gearbooker also gives you a suggestion here, by clicking the ‘find on Youtube’ button. For example, link to a review or a tutorial.

Did you know that every landlord on Gearbooker can create discount codes themselves to share them with possible new or with more frequent returning tenants. With this you build loyalty with your tenants and you gradually gather a group of permanent tenants around you. You can also hold promotions around special moments and events, such as film contests (eg 48Hour Film Project ) or photography competitions or give a summer discount, a giveaway or … you name it. You’re in charge!

Link your items

Offering complete sets often works very well in rental. This can be done in 2 ways:

  1. by ‘listing’ the entire set as 1 item on Gearbooker with a nice total price. Read the blog about landlord Jimmy successfully renting out his GH5+ accessories as a set  on Gearbooker .
  2. by offering the products separately, but linking them together via the ‘Related items’ heading on the placement page. By offering products as a separate item, you give the option of simply renting them separately and through the visible link you immediately make it clear which product fits well; such as a certain lens with a camera body.

Unique items

Do you own certain unique items that are difficult to rent elsewhere? On the one hand, because the item has only recently been on the market and there is also a lot of demand for it from people who are considering purchasing it themselves and therefore want to rent it. Or items that are no longer available in regular rental, but that still attract certain enthusiasts. Anyway thanks; if you can offer something like this, you will probably find renters for it on Gearbooker.

Determine your prices with policy

It sounds like an open door, but one of the factors that certainly determines the success of your rental is the price you ask for it. During the posting, the Gearbooker system provides a price suggestion. Of course you can deviate from this, but do so for a good reason. And make sure your prices are competitive, check what is asked for in the regular rental. If you have a regular landlord in your immediate vicinity, it is wise to take the regular rental rates into account with your prices. That being said, if you can provide something extra, extra service (eg delivery or shipping, see below), an extra set of batteries, longer collection times, et cetera, then you don’t necessarily have to compete on price alone.

Delivery or shipping?

Because we work with major shipping parties such as DPD and PostNL, items that you rent out can also be shipped. You can activate this yourself when placing an item. When booking, the landlord and the tenant receive a shipping label with which the item is sent insured and registered. This way you significantly increase your rental area!

A similar option is ‘delivery’. As a landlord, you deliver the item to the tenant and collect it again. Of course you can charge an extra fee for this. You set the kilometer price yourself and also the maximum radius of your delivery area. All in all, an excellent example of additional service!

Own rental site

Last tip. Did you know that you can also easily start your own rental site ? If you have your own website, you can place your equipment offer on it with a simple action or a ‘rent my equipment’ button that leads directly to your Gearbooker profile.

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