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Rent cameras / bodies

Whether you're planning to buy a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera, mirrorless system camera, actioncam or 360 degrees camera, on Gearbooker you can find out which camera suits your requirements best. For example, if you are looking for a small camera in a compact form factor that you can easily take with you and that you can take beautiful photos quickly and easily, then go for an action camera, such as a GoPro or choose a sturdy compact camera. If you want to work more extensively and test which model suits your type of photography (or videography), take a look at an SLR (DSLR) or mirrorless camera. These are often slightly larger, heavier but also more extensive and have interchangeable lenses. View the entire range of cameras below.  Read more...

Rent low priced cameras / bodies of these brands: Sony  |   Canon  |   Panasonic  |   GoPro  |   Blackmagic  |   Nikon  |   Fujifilm  |   RED  |   Insta360  |   DJI  |   Hasselblad  |   Sigma  |   Ricoh  |   Polaroid  |   Leica  |   JVC  |   Mamiya  |   Olympus  |   Arri  |   Datavideo  |   Flir  |   Kandao  |   Kodak  |   Samsung  |   Brinno  |   Panono  |   Paralenz  |   Pentax  |   Phase One  |   Wiral  |   Xiaomi  |   Z-Cam  |   AVTec  |   Cambo  |   CamDo  |   Contax  |   Garmin  |   Kinefinity  |   Mevo  |   Orah  |   Syrp  |   Tokina  |   Tomtom  |   -- No brand / Undefined --  |  

Popular cities to rent cameras / bodies: Amsterdam  |   Rotterdam  |   Gent  |   Utrecht  |   Antwerpen  |   Den Haag  |   Paris  |   Breda  |  

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Digital cameras available at Gearbooker

Thanks to the large number of users at Gearbooker, we can offer a wide variety of digital cameras. On this page we explain some popular camera types in this area. Are you not feeling like renting a complete camera set, but are you looking for just a lens? That is no problem either. Renting lenses is also possible on Gearbooker.

Rent an DSLR camera

For example, you can rent a (DSLR) SLR camera through us. DSLR stands for "Digital Single Lens Reflex". Since this type uses a mirror, there is no delay in what you see through the viewfinder compared to the real situation that you are photographing. This makes SLR cameras extremely suitable for capturing fast moving objects. In addition, with an DSLR camera you have more control: you can adjust the settings like aperture, shutter speed, ISO as desired. Is this what you want for your creative project? Then you can select a DSLR camera model above and rent it directly from a rental provider near you.

System cameras

A second option is a mirrorless camera also known as system cameras. The reason for this nickname is the fact that this type of system camera has no mirror. In recent years, system cameras have rapidly increased in popularity, in particular amongst indie filmmakers and cinematographers. This camera is a bit smaller, lighter and the performance is excellent if not better than DSLRs.

Rent a compact camera

If you are looking for a somewhat smaller version for everyday use or in a professional setting, compact cameras are a good choice. Usually they are small, light and equipped with all kinds of handy automatic modes. With such a compact design you can shoot the best pictures anywhere and anytime without the hassle with changing lenses, setting up shutter speeds and apertures et cetera. The disadvantage? You have less control. For example, you cannot extensively adjust the settings manually and the device is equipped with a fixed lens, although in many cases this is a zoom lens with a decent focal range.

360 ° cameras

In addition to the more usual cameras, you also rent the more special camera types on Gearbooker. For example, you can rent a 360 degree camera : the ideal camera for capturing what's going on around you to make sure that no image escapes the final result. When you capture an image with a 360 degree camera, you actually make two 180 degree images with a built-in "dual lens" configuration. These photos (or videos) are internally merged by the camera into 1 image and voilà: image captured in 360 degrees. This type of camera gear is ideal when you want to capture your adventures in a special environment. More and more, you see 360 degree cameras in the form factor of an action camera .