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Sachtler FSB-10ENG 2D
Category: Tripods / Monopods

The Sachtler 1041 Tripod System with FSB 10 Head, ENG 2 D Tripod, Ground Spreader SP 100, and Padded Bag ENG 2 is a complete tripod system comprised of durable Sachtler products. The fluid head, tripod, and ground spreader combine to form a sturdy and reliable camera support system capable of supporting payloads of up to 26.5 lbs. The system weighs 14.8 lbs, reaches a maximum height of 66.1 in and collapses to 35 inches for easy transportation. The Sachtler FSB 10, 100 mm Fluid Head with Sideload Camera Interface provides very smooth pan and tilt movements for precise panning. The compact head features low weight, an integrated flatbase, ergonomic design and is perfect for large cinema cameras such as the Sony FS7, Canon C300 and Blackmagic Ursa. The robust and reliable construction ensures long-lasting quality and easy operation. With a 5-setting drag module and 10-step counterbalance, the FSB 10 provides plenty of control and functionality. With rugged durability, the Sachtler FSB 10, 100 mm Fluid Head with Sideload Camera Interface expands on Sachtler's line of lost-lasting and resilient fluid heads. The high-quality tilt and pan movements and lightweight build makes it perfect for all types of environments that you can take with you for years to come. The FSB 10 can handle camera loads up to 26.5 lbs and allows users to customize the system to fit their every day needs. The robust fluid head set-ups quickly on the fly or on uneven ground for extreme shots.