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€150.00 /day
Extra day: €120.00
Een compleet feest
Options/incl.: 1 Stereo 1/4 inch - 3.5mm (headphone jack) 1 RCA - 1/4 inch 7 RCA - XLR 6 Euro stroomkabel 2 10m SpeakOn kabels 1 sushi-ds 1 usb mini kabel 2 beamz T statieven
Category: Stage lights

Alles wat u nodig heeft voor een compleet feest, een meng tafel, speakers, rookmachine en natuurlijk een boel lichten. Een compleet feest bestaat uit: - 5 HQ power Exciter 250w Scanners - Speakerset van 2. JRX125 van JBL, Inclusief bijbehorende versterker - Hercules dj control air + - BeamZ S500 rookmachine - BeamZ T statieven Specificaties scanners: - 8 kleuren: Wit, Donkerblauw, Roze, Lichtgroen, Oranje, Lichtblauw, Geel, Rood - 8 gobo's (figuurtjes) - stroboscoop functie - stroom verbruik: max 500 watt per stuk. (1 16A stroom groep of 2 van 10A) - 6 DMX Chanels. 1 pan - 2 tilt - 3 kleur - 4 gobo - 5 gobo draaien - 6 shutter. Specificaties speakers: - Max piekvermogen: 2000 watt per speaker - Max continuvermogen:1000 watt per speaker - Max SPL: 133dB - Gewicht: 42.6kg Specificaties versterker: - Max continuvermogen : 450 watt per kanaal - Max piekvermogen: 1050watt per kanaal Specificaties mix tafel: - Microfoon input - Headphones output - Werkt alleen met de bijbehorende software Specificaties rookmachine; - Maximale output 50 - 74 m³ per minuut - stroom verbruik: max 500 watt - inclusief rook vloeistof Alle kabels die nodig zijn zijn mee geleverd. alle gear samen kunnen maximaal 3000 watt trekken hiervoor zijn 2 16A stroomgroepen of 3 10A stroomgroepen nodig. Deze speakerset is luid. Het afspelen van muziek op hoog volume eventuele gehoorschade kan veroorzaken.

€24.00 /day
Extra day: €17.00
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Metabones Canon EF/EF-S Lens to Sony E Mount T Smart Adapter (Fifth Generation)
Options/incl.: Full Frame, Medium Format, APS-C, E-mount Sony
Category: Adapters

Bring out your Canon EF and EF-S mount lenses for use on a variety of full-frame and APS-C format Sony E-mount cameras with this Metabones EF to E Mount T Smart Adapter. Further improving on previous generations of Smart Adapters, this fifth-generation model now features a rubber gasket to protect the camera's mount from dust and moisture, offers a status notification LED light to check operation modes, and a dedicated switch that controls in-body image stabilization of select cameras. Also, this version is compatible with the Sony PXW-FS7 Mark II video camera. This adapter is equipped with numerous capabilities thanks to the use of a high-performance 32-bit processor. The features include support for both phase-detect and contrast-detect AF systems as well as the ability to control the aperture from the camera body. Smooth iris effects are possible as well on select lenses and 5-axis stabilization is available thanks to communication of distance information with supported lenses. Also, it features a programmable function button, enables electronic (focus-by-wire) manual focusing, transmits Exif data to the camera, and works with in-lens image stabilization. Additionally, distance and zoom is displayed on certain camcorders and mirrorless cameras, auto magnify can be enabled, and it can automatically switch into APS-C mode depending on the lens used. Beyond electronic communication, the adapter has many physical advantages as well, such as a black felt flocking on the inside of the adapter that prevents reflections. For larger lenses, there is a removable Arca-type-compatible tripod foot with a 1/4"-20 thread on the base. Allows users to adapt a Canon EF/EF-S-mount lens to a full-frame or APS-C Sony E-mount camera. Electronic contacts permit transmission of data between the lens and camera enabling autofocus, auto exposure, image stabilization, aperture control from the camera body, saving Exif information, and more. Status notification LED light on the adapter will show the user what mode the adapter is currently in. Dedicated switch for controlling in-body image stabilization. Programmable function button for rapid access to commonly used settings and features. Support for phase-detect AF with the a7R II, a7 II, a6500, and a6300 cameras. Compatible with Sony PXW-FS7M2 (FS7 Mark II) camera. Smooth iris support with select Canon (2009 and later), Tamron (SP series 2013 and later), and Sigma (2016 and later) lenses. Enables electronic manual focusing on lenses, such as the Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II, that use a focus-by-wire system. Support for distance and zoom display, auto magnify, and auto APS-C Size Capture settings on select cameras. Internal felt flocking prevents reflections. Removable Arca-type compatible tripod foot with 1/4"-20 thread. Powered by camera body.

€30.50 /day
Extra day: €21.50
Optional delivery

Category: Camera monitors / EVF / LCDs / Field Recorders

esigned to add professional monitoring tools to DSLR and mirrorless cameras, the SmallHD FOCUS 5" On-Camera Monitor is bright, lightweight, and features a sharp display. The 800 cd/m² bright touchscreen 1280 x 720 IPS LCD panel can be viewed in daylight, and is driven by a single micro-HDMI input. Using the intuitive Swipe OS, you can turn on various monitoring tools like waveform, false color, and vectorscope, as well as focusing aids like peaking, with a tap. If your camera outputs UHD 4K over HDMI, the FOCUS will support that input resolution as well as HD and SD inputs. At the rear of the monitor, a single NP-F battery bay accepts a separately available L-series battery for power, while an integrated power output can also power your camera with a separately available DC coupler. A stand with tilt adjustment is included with the monitor for mounting atop your camera's accessory shoe or on a 1/4"-20 screw. Swipe OS Built on SmallHD's intuitive PageBuilder OS, Swipe OS offers the same intuitiveness of a graphical user interface (GUI), though with touchscreen navigation. Rather than have confusing menus, this GUI allows you to selectively apply monitoring tools such as waveform, vectorscope, and focusing aids to up to 12 different "pages". Using the touchscreen, swipe through different preset pages and toggle monitoring tools on or off with ease. Camera Setup Integration This monitor complements smaller cameras by providing power output and a headphone jack. The power output lets you power your camera directly from the NP-F battery (sold separately) mounted on the monitor, increasing runtimes over the standard batteries of many mirrorless cameras. If your camera doesn't have a headphone jack, the FOCUS de-embeds the audio from the HDMI stream for real-time feedback of audio. Convenient Mounting The FOCUS monitor secures to your camera using the included FOCUS Tilt Arm via shoe mount or 1/4"-20 thread. The Tilt Arm enables 180° of tilt for convenient monitoring at nearly any angle. A cold shoe on the Tilt Arm lets you secure equipment (like a microphone, LED light, or wireless receiver) that would otherwise be displaced from the camera's accessory shoe. UPC: 850324007694 SmallHD FOCUS to Sony NP-FW50 Power Adapter SmallHD's FOCUS monitors have a power output for smaller cameras, and with this FOCUS to Sony NP-FW50 Power Adapter, you can power your Sony A7-series mirrorless camera right off the monitor. Insert the dummy battery end into your camera and connect it up to the FOCUS monitor's output for power. Powering the camera using the montior's battery will result in a simplified power setup and longer shooting times between charges, compared to the standard internal batteries. Note: Check your camera's manual to ensure compatibility with the dummy battery type. UPC: 850324007663 SmallHD Micro-USB Type-B Male Cable (12") The Micro-USB Type-B Male Cable from SmallHD enables you to connect two micro-USB Type-B compatible products such as a DSLR camera to the FOCUS Camera-Top monitor to directly view your content on a larger display.