Utopix lets content creators find new projects

Today we let you discover the platform of our friends at Utopix: Utopix is a platform that helps photographers and videographers win new contracts with prestigious clients anytime anywhere in the world.

Tired of finding new customers? Utopix does it for you!

How many of you would like to spend more time on exciting projects without having to worry about finding future customers?

The Utopix platform is based on a very simple observation: photographers and videographers are artists and their energy must be focused on what they do best, creating awesome visuals. 

Through its platform, Utopix allows clients to find providers anywhere in the world who will best help them to realize their project (event coverage, portrait, food photography..) and photographers and videographers can easily get new assignments. 

Awesome! How do I join Utopix?

Becoming a Utopix provider is totally free but is only open to professional photographers and videographers. It means that you are officially registered as a professional in your country but also that you are able to showcase a digital portfolio when you register.


Once your application has been approved by the Utopix team, you can create your online portfolio on the platform and be eligible to apply to new available missions.

What kind of shoots can I get?

The principle of Utopix is based on specialities and localities. In other words, you will only receive proposals that match best with your location and the specialties for which you have created a portfolio on the platform! Sounds good, right? 

Then, Utopix will propose the service providers that best suit the project to customers. It is always the customers who choose the professional they wish to work with based on their portfolio. 

Tip: fill your profile as much as possible on Utopix to make the difference with customers and be selected!

No assignment, no payment

The best part in all this is that the Utopix platform is 100% free for photographers and videographers as long as you don’t get a assignment. So you don’t take any risk in becoming a Utopix member.

When you receive an assignment proposal, the platform clearly indicates the negotiated price for carrying out the project or asks you to submit an offer from which a commission will be taken.

You are completely free to accept or refuse an assignment and you keep your total freedom of action outside of the missions you carry out for the platform. Once your photos or videos are delivered, Utopix undertakes to pay you within 30 working days. As simple as that!

So… What are you waiting for to join the Utopix adventure ?

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